In today's busy life, Ismailis often forget important dates and events at their local Jamatkhana. IsmailiCalendar.com helps you keep in touch with your local Jamatkhana by sending you eMail reminders on upcoming events, celebrations, ceremonies, news and more.


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Search our up to date database to find Jamatkhanas around the world.
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Find out when DU'A times change in your local Jamatkhana due to DST.
Keep informed on DU'A time changes with our free service.


Get notified of local Jamatkhana events, closures and emergency messages!
Find out when your local Jamatkhana is closed or has an emergency!


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Mar 2010 - Site Re-Design
After 18 months of the same look and feel, we now have a Web 2.0 web site.


Nov 2009 - Multiple JK allowed
By popular demand, a user can view multiple JK calendars.


Jun 2009 - Multiple Managers
Each JK can have multiple Calendar Managers to keep the calendar up to date.